The Space to Unfold into Awareness

My focus is to tailor the Retreat experience to the aspects that individuals need most. Each of these aspects of IN-ward expansion will be intuitively curated to support the time we share.

Insights - Conscious Sharing and Receiving 

This is a heart space with a deeper focus. It will dig up the deepest issue of the heart that need to be lovingly held, illuminated and transformed into consciousness.

You will be guided in conscious communication where you will feel ready to open into another dimension of your self. Like peeling back the layers, a sense of personal freedom and self love can develop through your awareness.

The basis of these sessions is Consciousness Psychology a unique form of supportive advice coupled with heart based awareness.

The second session will focus on one core relationship challenge with a significant partner, family member or friend. This conflict can provide the portal into deeper understanding of how you show up in relationships and how you show up for yourself. 

Understanding how childhood relationships could be informing the conflict will be important to shine an illuminating light on how we can heal ourselves and deepen our connections with others.

Intuition - Connect to Higher Self 

This offers a truly expanded experience of our true multidimensional nature. Through a powerful guided meditation and relaxation you will be guided to connect into your higher self. The part of you that is all knowing, all trusting, all seeing and all experiencing. This is the Source energy of who you are and will allow you to tune into a new vibration of life.

This deep trust in your inner guidance will create more flow and a higher level of vibrational wellbeing in your life. It’s effortless and so loving to the soul of who you are.

Instincts - Overcoming the Nervous System

It’s time to become the creator of your life. To do that you need to be able to gently reclaim control of your nervous system. This is critical, as it’s the system that causes us to react to life instead of to calmly respond. These sessions will help you understand how the nervous system was formed, how it determines your future, what you can do to overcome and form new response pathways and what it means to live from the heart instead of the nervous system.

Internal - Rewiring the Beliefs that are Ruling your Life.

It’s time to consciously take your power back. The thoughts you have are creating the sense you perceive life through. Most of these thoughts were planted in our subconscious around 7 years of age. Many of these beliefs are limiting and based in lack and fear. 

We will bring them to awareness, reframe them and use the whole brain to rewire a new way of judgement free living. You can live in flow with the rhythm of life, if we remove the limits that are preventing that flow we can live a higher grade life.

Ignition - Fire Ceremony, Breath Work and Meditation

Using ancient rituals to connect on a deeper level with your spiritual, whole self. The science and art of meditation will be imparted consciously and energetically. Beautiful breath work and sound track will allow you to centre deep into the heart beat of life. Fire ceremony will alchemise and transmute everything that needs to be released to expand into your full potential.

Ignite - Ecstatic dance and Flow yoga

Nurturing and honouring the body is key to grounding and staying present. The goddess calls to move and flow with the eternal rhythm of life. As we sink into our bodies we begin to honour and worship them and see them as the divine earthy expressions they are. This is a time to stop judging how we look and honouring the exquisite creation we are. There is nothing confronting in this process, it is simply a gentle unfolding into being.

Integration - Rest to Grow

Honouring the need to simply rest and be. To sit in silence. To sit with self. To rest and unwind. To allow to be with what is without forcing or changing. This space creates the room for growth.