Craft a personalised retreat for you and up to five friends. 
Give each other the gift of self-awareness and sacred expansion.


This transcendental retreat will access states of awareness that will lead you to Mystical moments of expansion.

The unique combination of breath, meditation and knowledge from ancient and modern sources as well as a carefully crafted timetable will support you to experience the mystical.

Elements include:

- Higher consciousness activation

- Understanding the role of the pineal gland and the mystical

- The art of surrender

- Shedding the programs that block the experience

- Understanding the Quantum Field and Field of Infinite Potential

- How to change life timelines


The wounding of the inner child creates the programs that hold us back from truly experiencing life. When we can pinpoint the core wound and where it began we can reshape our existence. We can create a gap to nurture ourselves into wholeness, self love and confidence about who we truly are.

Elements include:

- Meditations to meet and process the inner child wound

- Identifying the mother and father wound

-Quantum meditation to shift childhood patterns

- Rewiring childhood beliefs and thought patterns

- Tools to remember true self and sink into more self love

- Joyous moment meditation to create aliveness in body and heart


This retreat is all about letting go and relaxing not just outwardly but on a deep inner level too.

It's about letting the layers fall away, so you can reenter life feeling rejuvenated and alive.

Retreat Elements Include:

- Deep relaxation processes

- Emotional release technique

- Breathing for release and vitality

- Releasing habitual thought pattern to create space for present moment awareness


The thought programs we run, influence how we feel, how we act and how our lives look.

What about if you could master the thoughts and subsequent emotions that are ruling your life and begin to create new, dynamic, clear programs to live by?

Retreat Elements Include:

- Identifying and mapping addictive thought patterns

- Seeing the underlying program and disrupting it

- Learning moment to moment strategies that bring the mind out of the habit and back to the now

- How creating from the present moment is the most powerful tool

- How visualisation and visioning are part of a new reality