Voice of Divine Feminine

My guest Anne Ford, has a remarkable story of surrendering her body to a transformational, spontaneous Kundalini awakening. For two years after, the powerful energy led her body through what she calls “impossible yoga” breaking down all physical limitations of what she thought was possible.

More recently, she’s been called to surrender her beliefs and identity. In turn she has opened to receive a flow of information about a new world paradigm that she offers through her sacred website 'Voice of Divine Feminine.'

Stay tuned to the second half of the interview where we delve into the divine feminine, deep conscious relationship and tantric practice.

She wrote about her experience:

"I share some of my own (rather far-out) experiences that have led me to glean information regarding Divine Feminine energy and the importance of Unconditional Love at this time between paradigms ("The Shift" we are experiencing now), which I share on my website"

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