Opening the Higher Heart Realms

The gorgeous goddess Katie Kempster from Harmonic Hypnobirthing graced me with a profoundly beautiful interview, entering the fourth energy centre of the heart.

Her path into the divine has been a profound exploration and acknowledgement of her own divinity as well as the divinity that exists in all things. She says:

"I have had many mystical experiences over the years after developing a strong spiritual and meditation practice in my transformation as a mother, some of these experiences have included interfacing with many galactic beings, angels, masters, elementals and within many universal rings and dimensional planes of existence."

Woah this is one spiritually connected lady. Surprising for her she was called to share the experiences around where the path of the mystic truly began. Through the unification of her sacred heart, the activation of her higher heart and the understanding that her beloved heart was indeed the portal to the divine and the place from which she could heal, transform and create anything.

Sit back and sink into this heart activation with us.

Beautiful words adapted from Katie. Find her at

Divine image by Dominika Ferenz on Facebook @dominikaferenz……/opening-the-high…/id1521216908…

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