It's Live!

The time has arrived, on the full moon, eclipse at 2:44pm on Sunday 5th of July I have officially launched. I chose this time to provide the highest planetary support available at this time to support the birthing of this project.

The concept behind the podcast came to me while in a meditation in April.

I realised that in the worldwide lockdown we were ascending into an experience of the ALL, I realised then that we are all one, unified in this energetic experience and we all have the ability to access the highest parts of our experience.

I believe we all human and divine.

We can all access the mystical part of ourselves and live in a space beyond three dimensional reality.

We all have access to immensely transformational energy, guidance from higher self, radical awareness, intense visualisations that hold keys of understanding, and connections to dimensions and energetic beings beyond our awareness.

We all have access to energy that can instantaneously heal and integrate emotional, physical and ancestral wounds.

My intention is that this podcast offers the frequency of the mystical. 

I invite you into the world of the unknown, the unimaginable, the next level of reality.

One part here, one part in the cosmos.

It lives within you too. 

This podcast is for the all.

Let's go. 

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