"Have Greater Courage Than Fear"

What follows below are the divine words of writer and spiritual goddess Erin McElroy.

It was such a pleasure and gift spending time with her and expanding beyond what I though was possible in a conversation.

"It was such an honor and pleasure for my beautiful friend Alana Holtermannto invite me to talk about mystical experiences and the impact they’ve had in my life on her podcast The Mystic Within. There’s a tremendous energy exchange when we share our stories and a vital opportunity to open doors for each other and Open To Consciousness.

I have always felt so strongly that we are each here as unique expressions of purpose and potential, and I have been on a mission to grow into that and see just how far it can take me.

And that was what drove me forward when I was still living a more conventional life, but longing for deeper, more meaningful experiences and understanding of just why we are here, what is this all for? What does the fullest expression of my unique life look like and feel like? I finally dove deep into a meditation practice when I reached a point in my healing journey that kept calling me there. I hoped to experience healing and peace of mind, and what I encountered was something so much bigger than that. It was beyond my imagination that this whole infinite universe of possibilities existed, teeming with dimensions to explore, layers of consciousness to expand into, and energy that has no limits. I have been led on a journey of discovery and exploration into the greatest love and intelligence and have become a conscious creator of my own reality. I am forever grateful that I ventured into the unknown and trusted something greater than my human self…and that this adventure has led me to so much depth, expansion, fullness of life…and has led me to… the mystical. My life has been deeply impacted in the most profound way. A new longing I feel is for more and more people to connect to the energy and wisdom of the mystical, that which transcends all language and encompasses all truth. And it is with that longing that I was so delighted for the gift to share one of my mystical encounters with Alana of Open To Consciousness. She guides conversations with pure grace and invites us all to explore The Mystic Within with each episode of her podcast. With great humility, I invite you to check out the links below to hear my conversation with Alana:…/have-greater-cou…/id1521216908…

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