Fractal Perfection

The magical Natalie Ellis opened up to me about the whole other world within her that very few people know exist.

"I suppose some of this is my own journey to keep for myself but I think it is important to start sharing (even if it is scary for me!) because there is SO much beauty in it too!" Natalie shared.

Her journey with meditation has totally transformed how she feels as a person.

"I feel incredible states of bliss during meditation … not just a little bit but like full body "omg my body is going to explode" kind of bliss. I feel so much more love and care … again not just a little bit but heart bursting out my chest kinda love. I am so much more trusting of life and not needing to figure everything out and control everything. I have really fun and interesting experiences, visions and realisations. I rarely feel stress or anxiety. It’s helped me make decisions for life. And its pretty wild the amount of synchronicities and opportunities that pop up now I am getting out the way and not needing to control everything. Don’t get me wrong it is not always easy, meditation has meant coming up against parts of myself I would rather not see! But its been freaking cool nonetheless!"

Join us as she shares an amazing alternate view of reality. Everyone is fractal patterns that are just moving toward more healing and perfection.

Natalie also shares how to download frequencies from the divine to use as creation material.

Let's do this!

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