Dissolving into Divinity

My darling friend and spiritual seeker Andrea von Oertzen was my powerful guest. She created a profound synchronistic moment where she shared the same mystical experience that began my profound journey into the unknown.

Below are her beautiful, eloquent words about being involved in the podcast:

"Exploring life and existence itself has become one of my great passions over the last couple of years.

Faced with adversity and challenge some years back, I set out on a quest to invite more adventure, joy and higher love into my life. I attended a diverse range of meditation and personal transformation retreats to explore and expand.

At the onset, I had no idea that the curiosity, innocence and devotion to my meditation practice would be met by a higher intelligence that would guide, teach and walk me home into the multi-dimensional aspects of myself in the form of mystical experiences.

‘What you seek, is seeking you.’ – Rumi

It was a gradual process of seeking and going deeper that allowed me to become more of the vibration of the joy and love that I was seeking. Every experience has allowed me to deepen my understanding of my place in the world and the universe at large and has made the tapestry of my life as vibrant as I perceive it today.

I am humbled and honoured to share one of my profound meditation experiences with my dear friend Alana Holtermann, creator of Open To Consciousness, who has recently launched the amazing Podcast series The Mystic Within.

If you are curious and feel called to, check out our conversation and the many other great stories that form part of this series at:…/dissolving-into-…/id1521216908…

Thank you dear Alana, for birthing your platform to encourage us to dream big and to feel into possibility, higher realms of consciousness and magic. "

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