Are you ready to find the Mystic within?

My passion for the mystical began with a spontaneous spiritual awakening at a meditation retreat. Dramatically and unceremoniously I was catapulted into a whole new level of earthly experience. I got my first taste of the Divine.

It began, while meditating with a large group of people on a beach at a Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Retreat. One moment I was walking in a trance, the next I had fallen into the sand and my body was dissolving. Every human cell was dissolving into consciousness and I became nothing more than frequency. There was no part of me left in the human realm. My body, being, brain and self had completely and utterly dissolved. I was experiencing myself as my divinity. I was the frequency of Bliss, Radiance, Pure Love, Ecstasy, Wholeness and Deep Peace. I became the all. The eternal all. And at the same time I was nothing. I was existing in the Divine void of all and nothing.

After two hours, I very gradually returned to earth, but I was completely disorientated and still dissolved. I wasn't sure if I existed. When I finally looked in the mirror I could barely recognise myself. I could barely speak. I didn't have any preferences or thoughts. I was a shell. I now know I was reborn and in those early days, weeks and months I was relearning who I was and also recreating who I came here to be. It was akin to my soul choosing a completely new vibrational life path.

My palette changed from vegetarian to eating anything I liked, my brain changed so I couldn't remember certain information but had access to new information, I didn't recognise the connection with my husband and I was struggling to know why I had three children. As shocking as this may sound, it also felt very liberating and a deep sense of trust pervaded all of it. I knew I was in the divine and that the divine was rewiring my brain, body and experience for a radically new life.

That was two years ago, and now I am in a whole new reality internally and my external world has changed rapidly and continues to change. I have fallen back in love with my children, parted with my husband and fallen into deep unconditional love with myself and life.

Since that time the Mystical has become part of my everyday life and Mystical moments are the anchor points for radical change, healing and growth.

This podcast I have created will take you on a journey of discovery into the power of the mystical to transform your life and offer you the frequencies of how it feels to come into a deep knowing of your divinity.

I can't wait to share the experiences of hundreds of everyday people who are accessing the Mystic Within and I can't wait to take you along for the ride.

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